Fast & effective security to defend against data breaches

Viruses and malware wreak havoc daily on computers around the world. But yours doesn’t have to be one of them! A2Z Computing Solutions technicians have years of experience identifying and completely removing viruses, ransomware, malware, and other cyber threats to ensure you’re defended against intrusions that can steal data and cripple your system.

Don’t make the mistake of trying to remove a virus yourself if you’re not an expert. Unfortunately, well-meaning non-professionals that attempt to remove a virus usually end up damaging files and leaving the “roots” of the virus behind.

First Class Virus Protection Looks Like This
  • Knowledgeable & Experienced
    Our expert team has been identifying and removing viruses and other malicious scripts for more than two decades. We keep apprised of all the newest threats and know exactly how to remove every trace of them without damaging your system.
  • Ongoing Protection from Threats
    We’re not just going to remove your virus then leave you on your own. Our service includes ensuring that your computers and network are protected against future intrusions with a trustworthy anti-virus solution.
  • Staff Training to Stop Accidental Breaches
    A majority of viruses and malware are delivered via phishing emails with attachments or malicious links. A2Z Computing Solutions can help strengthen your first line of defense with Virus Smart Training to help your employees identify threats and avoid them in the future.

Are your computers getting sluggish and you fear a malware intrusion? Have a virus emergency? You can call or text us at 909-800-8301. We’re here for you!

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