The ultimate protection against catastrophic data loss

Have you ever lost vital files due to a stolen or damaged computer or mobile device? Most people have, whether it’s treasured photos or irreplaceable customer files. Plus, files are only getting larger, so a flash drive or CD doesn’t really cut it anymore as a backup solution.

Our “No File Left Behind” Team at A2Z Computing Solutions can ensure that you have a full backup of every computer and device as well as a recovery plan that gets you back up in no time in the event of a natural disaster, lost computer, or other technology issue.

Here’s Why You’ll Want to Trust A2Z for Data Backup & Recovery
  • Secure Cloud Solutions that Work
    Have you been frustrated with backups that never seem to finish or cause your computer to move at a snail’s pace while backing up? Our cloud-based solutions are fast, secure, and designed to work in the background without slowing down your system.
  • Insurance for Your Business
    A large percentage of small businesses never recover from the costs of a major data loss incident. Our data recovery solutions give you the same peace of mind as an insurance policy for your building, making sure every file is copied and accessible when need it.
  • Data Recovery from Damaged Systems
    Do you have a computer that’s crashed but you need the data that’s on it? We have experts that can take a look at damaged devices, and if there is a way to get your data back, we’ll find it!

If a disaster struck tomorrow, is your data recoverable? Give us a call today for a free data backup and recovery consultation, 909-800-8301.

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